Trust this finds you in the best of your health and spirit.

          Hope, rather trust you are well aware of Noore-e-hidayat Foundation. Lucknow and its activities.imageedit_6_7398380413

          Its introduction is presented herewith. not for you but those associated with you, who know not much of this active foundation.

          All the activities of ours are continued and ever alive depending solely on the knowledge loving and socially aware ulema and intellectuals like you. Hopefully depending on you, we have taken up a project, i.e. compilation of Indian Shia encyclopedia. May I request you to kindly provide maximum information in this connection and motivate others from your circle of affinity and influence to provide the same. We are much hopeful that you won’t mind to spare you valuable time for the noble purpose. Your commendable co-operation shall in no way be such that could ever be forgettable by the history of the nation or community. Every bit of your co-operation in the connection shall be acknowledged with thanks.

          In view of the importance of the work, we expect that you are not going to disappoint us in any way.

          On reaching the project to final stages, we would take up project of compiling sociocultural directory of the present days. Please be ready mentally for it. We would approach you for the same and request for your co-operation.

          Our projects in hand are many and varied in nature while our resources are limited but we are hopeful to successfully accomplish them with our determination and your active co-operation.

          We look forward to you for co-operation of all sorts, whether physical, moral, or monetary.

          The organization has permission from the highest Shia religious authorities the holy marjas, specially the Grand Ayatullah Aqai Seestani & Grand Ayatullah Syed Ali Khamenai, May He keep them up and their holy patronage last very long for us, to receive a million Rupees out of Sahm-e-Imam (a.s.), the Imam’s portion of Khums. So you are requested to donate Khums and other religious amounts.

          You may send the amount through M. O. or Demand Draft in favor of “Noor-e-Hidayat Foundation”

          Trust your religious passion and sympathy toward the society would not disappoint us.


                Sincerely your’s

Sayed Mustafa Husain Naqavi ‘Aseef’ Jaisi


   Noor-e-Hidayat, foundation, Lucknow

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